Cleaning Services In SW London - These are the areas our cleaning services cover

Home Cleaning Services in Richmond TW9 | London TW10


We offer seasonal cleaning and home cleaning service to customers in Richmond. We will clean all premises and surfaces, from tops of refrigerators and countertops to deep under beds.


One-off Cleaning Services


We offer one-off cleaning service and will clean all stone and wood worktops, mirrors, window sills, sinks, and hobs. Our cleaners will wipe the dishwasher, washing machine, and all surfaces and will wash the floors.


Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

Our cleaners will vacuum the soft furnishings and carpets and will dust all skirting boards and ornaments. They will clean and deodorize the bathroom and will empty all ashtrays, bins, and waste baskets.

After Party Cleaning Services

We will remove your after-party rubbish and will clean and polish your silver and brass. Our cleaners will wipe and dust all surfaces and will sanitize the toilet facilities and bathroom. They will wash your glasses and dirty dishes and will sweep and polish the floors.

After Builders Cleaning Services

We will clean all windows, window frames, and floors of any plaster and paint and will wash all basins and tiles in the bathroom. Our cleaners will mop, vacuum, and polish the floors and stairs.



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