Cleaning Services In SW London - These are the areas our cleaning services cover

Domestic Cleaning Services in Wandsworth, London SW18


The professional cleaning service we offer here is suited for individuals who are always on the go, large families, couples with small children or the elderly. We utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions and our professional cleaners are insured, so your home will not just be clean but also deodorized and sanitized at the end of each cleaning session.


Regular Domestic Cleaning


First up, we provide regular domestic cleaning services for those living in Wandsworth, London SW11and its surrounding areas. Our cleaners will come in to scrub clean your utensils, wipe your kitchen appliances, mop the concrete floors, vacuum the carpeted area, dust the furniture as well as the mirrored and glass surfaces.


One-off Cleaning Services


If you only need our cleaners to come in during special occasions when your home has to be spotless, we can make arrangements for that, too. Our cleaners will dust and sanitize countertops, clean the individual rooms clear the ceiling of cobwebs, get rid of household rubbish and vacuum carpeted floors.


After Party Cleaning Services


The worst part about planning a party is the clean-up that you’d have to do earlier – and this is a task that you can hand over to us. After the event, our cleaners can wash all the dirty dishes; clear the leftover food; throw away the party rubble like decors, confetti and signage; and clean the floors and countertops.


After Builders Cleaning Services

Most homeowners regularly have something repaired or a room remodelled. After the workers leave, there will be a lot of chipped wood, peeled wallpaper, cement debris and other rubbish on the area. Our professional cleaners can get rid of all the rubbish while also giving the area a total cleaning to finish that room makeover.


End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Services


If you’re moving out of your apartment or selling your existing house, you would require cleaners to prepare the area for the next tenants. We provide that professional cleaning service as well. Our cleaners can visit your address and clean the walls, floors and the individual rooms to make them spotless and ready for the next people who will live in the unit.


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