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Domestic Cleaning in Earlsfield, London SW18


When hiring a professional cleaning service, it’s a must to ensure that the cleaners would not use toxic chemicals as cleaning solutions. Not only are these harmful for the environment, but they may also pose hazards to you and your family’s health. Here, we only use non-hazardous, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure utmost safety while cleaning. Whether you want to take advantage of our one-off or regular domestic cleaning services, you can rest assured that your home is 100% safe.


Regular Domestic Cleaning


If you reside in Earlsfield, London SW18and neighbouring London areas, you can take advantage of the regular domestic cleaning services that we offer. Our professional cleaners will come in to dust, clean and sanitize countertops, walls, tables, chairs and other surfaces. Cobwebs will be removed, rubbish will be trashed and all the other rooms in the house will be cleaned and sanitized.


One-off Cleaning Services


Our professional cleaning service also includes one-off cleaning. If you’re expecting visitors and you’d like the house to look spotless, our cleaners will come in to accomplish that for you. They will vacuum area rugs or carpeted floors; mop hardwood or tile floors; clean all countertops as well as the individual rooms in the house.


After Party Cleaning Services


People do look forward to parties, but the clean-up is usually the worst part. For this, you can hire our professional cleaners to wash all the dirty dishes, get rid of empty bottles or cans, deal with leftover food, remove the décor from the party venue, wipe the tables and floors, and clean up all the after-party mess.


After Builders Cleaning Services

We have cleaners who are experts at getting rid of after-builders rubble. If there was construction or renovation in your house, there will be debris like chipped cement, woodwork and other rubbish which our cleaners can get rid of. The floors, walls and windows will also be cleaned, leaving the renovated area look as good as new.


End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Services


Lastly, we provide end-of-tenancy cleaning for those who are moving out of their apartments or selling their homes. Once all the boxes are packed, our cleaners can come in to make sure that everything is spotless before the new tenants or house owners move in.


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